The best way to Use COURSE Distance Measuring Devices

Are you making use of your Golf GPS, (Global Positioning System) or your Laser Range Finder to its full advantage? Can you just have it in the bag like a club ready for the next round of golf? To be able to improve your game through the use of these Course measuring devices I suggest you use them off the golf course as well. In other words, utilize them down the golf range to measure all of your distances with all of your clubs. crane anemometer Here is a Great Way to use COURSE Distance Measuring Devices.

You can chart your clubs by way of a complete swing, a three quarter swing . 5 swing. Log your distances for every swing by firmly taking say three shots for your full swing gauge the distance and take the average, chart your result. Then three, three quarter swings, measure the distance and take the common, chart the result, and exactly the same for your half swing.

Of course that you can do your chart with more shots for your averages if you want, but get yourself a comfortable average so that you will are confident you will be in a position to reproduce the shot you require. After you have this chart at this point you have at least three comfortable shots per club in your bag.

It is possible to chart your shots even more; it is possible to introduce height into your chart shots, in order that if you should need a shot with height, it’s in your bag. To back this up you may use a pocket book similar to the Pro’s, together with your club shot averages on each page, once you learn your distance and the height for your shot, check your chart and you will find a very good club for that shot.

This little system in my view is most beneficial produced with a Laser Range Finder. Why? As the distance only Laser Range Finders are legal on the golf course. And on the course itself you can zero your range finder onto any target, hazard or pin, take your distance; check your pocket swing chart, check the wind direction, and make your shot confidently.

Another great feature of the laser range finders is which you can use them like a telescope, to help you check to see where your ball landed, if you know how you ball is put you have the time it takes to reach it to take into account your next shot. Whether you’re on the green or run off, you are already planning your next shot whilst you walk to your ball. Laser Range Finders have become accurate convenient to use straight from the box, not very expensive, no monthly charges. So tell all your family members, they make great gifts, hint, hint.

I’m not saying that GPS devices don’t possess their uses, needless to say they do. They can pre warn you of unseen course doom which may be lurking round the doglegs. They are able to provide you with a total view of the hole you are playing. The entire niggle with the GPS devices is the monthly charges and the course downloads. Besides that they’re extremely ideal for course information.