What Is CLEANING FLOOR and How Does It Work

I hear it all the time – “I would like to clean my tile floor, but my grout lines are so dirty they wont’ come clean. How do I get the floor clean? Will there be some type of off-the-shelf product to completely clean floor tiles? Should I be doing something special to keep the floors clean?”.

Having caused a floor tile installer for some time, I was asked these questions, and many others like them, over and over again. The normal homeowner doesn’t know the secrets that professionals find out about cleaning floor tiles. Fortunately that the secret is something that doesn’t need professional attention. Like all jobs, the work is much easier when you have the right tools. Cleaning floor tiles is really not that hard to do.

Bottom line up front: Oxygen Bleach! That’s the secret to cleaning floor tiles. A readily available product that can be bought at most home improvement centers and tile floor depots.

Lots of bathrooms and kitchens could have a light tile and light/white grout. High traffic and frequent spills in these areas quickly gets the tiles and grout dirty. If left un-cleaned for a while, the tile grout will soon turn grey and quickly approach black. After a while, the tile will look very different than when it was initially installed. If, like the majority of people, you are not a professional tile installer, how to shut off water to bathtub you will probably spend hours trying to answer questions just like the ones I mentioned above. I hope I can answer them for you personally with this article.

Oxygen bleach products are fabric and color safe, non-toxic and do not produce harmful fumes. They quickly remove stains of most sorts with minimal scrubbing. That it is quite interesting just how it works.

The merchandise contains oxygen ions. The oxygen ions break the stain molecules into small parts that wash away with very little effort. You simply mix the merchandise with warm water, stir it and pour it onto the ground tile – making certain to flood the dry grout lines. Just let the solution take a seat on the grout lines for a while, occasionally adding more treatment for make sure it is usually flooded with the answer. The longer it sits, the simpler it will be to completely clean your floor tiles and grout lines.

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You should allow product sit in the grout lines for at the very least 15 minutes, to provide the oxygen ions plenty of time to accomplish their job. The oxygen ions will continue to work for about six hours after application. Lightly scrubbing the tiles, after about half an hour roughly after your initial application, will result it a cleaner tile and grout line.

Most people dread the thought of cleaning floor tiles and the grout between them. They usually find yourself scrubbing the tile only to see less-than-desired results. The act of scrubbing the tiles is just not good enough to completely clean them. Utilizing an oxygen bleach product, and allowing it to do the work, may be the way to go. The dirt, stains, grease, etc. will come off so easily you’ll likely be shocked. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you observe how clean your tiles are afterwards. Your floor will look much like it did once you installed it.